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  1. Is it water cooled ? That's where I'd find the white smoke... ( Steam ) vapors
  2. He gave it to me, he was going to take it to the scrap yard. I know it's around a 6,000.00 dollar ride. so I don't mind putting some $$$$ in to it.
  3. Just talked to the neighbor that was getting rid of it, he's had it for 7 years and it never ran. When I drained the crank case it had over 3 gals. of gas and oil mixed in it. From what I've read it only needs 3.7 quarts of oil for the crank case. But again, as I run it, I can watch the level go up in the sight glass.
  4. 1998 suzuki.... Yes if I blow out the cyl. put the plug back in it will start. Idles rough, pops when I give it throttle. I can watch the sight glass fill up with fuel as it runs. Can it be a bad head ? has the ohc on it with the decompression lever too. Thanks.
  5. Crank case keeping filling up with gas. Exhaust pipe right at the jug gets cherry red. I just had this given to me. So I'm trying to get it running.... Any idea's ? I'm thinking the main float is stuck in the carb allowing the fuel to just gravity feed into the cyl. and down into the crank. HELP...... Please. It's a clean quad, I'd like to get it running.

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