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  1. I have no problem making a snorkel for the intake. When I see pics of other ATV snorkel kits, they have 1-2 other pipes coming up. What are these for? Can someone tell me what to expect with electronics, flooding, etc? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm in the same boat with my 99 350 Wolverine. My notes say if it's a slight problem, lower the needle down. If it's a severe problem, lower needle, and install smaller jet. I'm in the middle of fixing mine right now. I will hit you back with my findings. Sorry Bro, went to reinstall my carb, and I broke my intake. It's on order now, and when I test I'll hit ya back up, and let you know what happened.
  3. Spark plug is good, I believe it was both carb and exhaust, it almost sounds like a rev limiter. My rpm gauge reads roughly 3000 rpm's when it starts, acting up.
  4. My Quad, starts fine, takes off fine, but when I get 3/4 to full throttle it spits and sputters. The carb has been rebuilt, stage 1 carb kit with filter, and RCM steel exhaust. I have a manual for this model, and I'm fixing to go down the long list of ELEC. tests. ANY SUGGESTIONS???????

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