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  1. yea all that rolled into one kind of sounds like it haha. I have never raced quads before but I raced motocross for about 5 years and am dying to get back into racing by any means necessary. Do you need an AMA card or any type of membership to race there?
  2. Recently I heard through the grape vine that in Wildwood NJ they have quad races on the beach? I was just wondering if someone might know when and where the race takes place. Thanks!
  3. i ride a ttr-125L most of the time cause she's my favorite =) but i just got a 2002 kfx 400 last year ... what do you ride?
  4. hello all im marissa and im 19 n from central jersey...ive been riding dirtbikes since i was 11 and oh it was love from day one. i raced D6 mx for a year but had to stop because i was injured pretty bad. i didnt let it keep me from riding tho. i still love dirtbikes and now im getting into quads and love them too!
  5. hey just wanted to actually participate in this site since i havent in a while =\ ... i think more girls should get involved with the sport but only if they really really have their heart in it (not to sound lame) because there is wayy too many girls that just try to ride in hopes of making a statement that they can compete in a guys sport. most just can't and they make the rest of us look like jokes. most girls that ive met have their quad/dirtbike for the attention, and to say 'like o my god! like i totally ride too!!' its a waste and it gives all the girls out there who really are in this sport cause they eat sleep and breathe it a bad name. i dont know, im all for more girls in the sport but not the ones that just do it so they can look the part cause thats pretty beat for the rest of us. it just pisses me off so much!!! sorry for ranting/rambling.
  6. mostly mudding and trail riding on the quad .. i save jumping to my bike
  7. Hey i wanted to know if anyone on here knew of any trails to ride in central jersey. I use to ride at Asbury ave. off of exit 102, until a bunch of assholes decided to steal 4 cars and blow them up back there a couple weeks ago. They impounded my car and my bike and i also got a $1000 fine, luckily i got out of it. So if anyone knows of any places with little to no risk of getting your stuff taken away then please let me know

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