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  1. I live in ND and I was born to ride Honda's!! I started riding when I was 5 and I was born in 83 so 3 Wheelers were still all the rage back then but anyways .. there r 2 250Rs up for sale in my area. 1 is a 85 and the other is 84 and these 2 different Guy's are both selling them for or $1200 & $1300 and u just find many for sale these days do to the fact that they are rare!! I would buy either one in a Hartbeat if I had the money!! But if u r just look to ride and not have it in the powerband all the time then idk if this is what u would want.
  2. Ok so I kno that pretty much all Honda's require 10-40 wt oil but is it safe to use 10-30 also and just exactly what is the differences in oil wts?? I kno that they are different thickness and things for winter vs summer but what's the other differences besides the whole semi synthetic and full synthetic?? Help would be appreciated .. thanks
  3. Ok thanks and it has only been riden 2 times since March .. and I just bought this a few day's ago and this morning it started idling better so plus put fresh gas in also
  4. I have a 200x and it will idle up on it's own after a few mins of riding when I will adjust the screw to idle it back down. How or what can I do to fix this?? I was thinking blue locktite but want suggestions first. And also does the 200x suppose to have a chain slider/guide in front of rear sprocket? Mine dont ..

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