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  1. I've looked since last year about this time for a quad, and finally found one. scrolling through FB the other day and someone had an ISO ad looking for a quad in the $4500 range. Someone posted that he had a 06 sportsman 500 with low miles. The poster said he wasn't interested, so I PM'd the guy and told him I was. He sent pics, and I asked questions, and went down to look at it, and was surprised that he was selling a covered snowmobile trailer with it. It was his dads, and bad health prompted him to sell it. It's an 06 500 efi, mossy oak, winch, 420 miles, this thing looks like it had never
  2. freedomflyer63, Thanks for the two cents, everything counts. Here in central michigan we don't have any mountains to worry about, it's mostly farm land. I would have to travel 100 miles to find any DNR trail systems to use, so we're limited to what land we own to ride on. I live close to Saginaw Bay and can ride to it to fish if I want too also. Snow plowing is also at the top of the list for uses. My neighbor across the road uses a yamaha 400 to clear his driveway, and I can't believe how much snow he can push with that quad. I probably don't need more than a 500 for what I want to do, but th
  3. Looking at pics of another Polaris Sportsman 800, this time a 2008, has 88hrs and 360 miles, snow plow, guy wants 5K. Only problem he's 135 miles from where I live.
  4. thanks for the help guys, neighbors son bought it,
  5. I see you've asked twice if it's a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 800, yes it is, sorry for not saying that it was. I'm not sure if I want an 800, having not driven a quad I don't have anything to compare it with. I do have 2 honda big red three wheelers, but I can't compare to those. I'll look around and see what else is available. thanks for the help.
  6. I have never owned a quad but would like to get one, I've been looking at used ones, and was thinking for what I would use it for (plowing snow, hauling wood around the yard, ice fishing) a 500 would be enough. A neighbor is selling his 07 800 with a snow plow to buy a newer one, and I'm thinking do I need an 800 or is it over kill. This one has 1200 miles on it, a 50in plow with a winch. Thanks for any help.
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  8. I took a quad in trade and was told that it was a blaster, thats it. Tried using the vin decoder in the stickies, but that didnt work. Tried other decoders none of them work.Im taking the vin from the frame in front of the foot peg, that matches the numbers on the engine, and when I put it into a decoder it tells me the vin isn t right. What can I do? thanks
  9. My dad wants his 03 mule to take off at a little higher rpm, but everytime he touches the idle screw the thing wants to move. Can someone help me and him out? Thanks
  10. I know it's been awhile but I got Big Red running by changing out the solenoid. I took a lot of things off that I didn't need to but there were a lot of things, bolts mostly, that the po had broke so I took them out and replaced them. Today BR isn't running very good so I'm going to take the carb off and clean it. Thanks for the help.
  11. I bought this big red 2years ago and have done nothing but put gas in it and use it everyday. Yesterday I was using it, stopped to do something, and it wouldn't start, and I ran the battery dead. After charging the battery the starter wouldn't run. I checked the fuse and it was ok, and the battery was at 12.85v. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. What's the big deal about a honda 250r 3 wheeler. I have a chance to trade a guy a dirt bike for a 250r that he's had for sale, and says he can't give it away. says that it's all original, motor has never been touched, has some parts for it, and it runs. I'm an old dude that doesn't have the urge for speed anymore, I bought the bike because my grandson's friend needed some money, and was going to sell it when this other old dude called me about this 250r and ask would I consider a trade. I haven't seen this bike yet, but would like to know what to look for or at when I do see it. Thanks
  13. I bought a Honda 110 atc new in 1978 and didn't get a registratin with it so when I bought an 84 big red last year and didn't get a registration I didn't think anything of it. I bought another 84 big red this summer, and the old farmer gave me an owners manual, and a registration with it. Should I have one for the first big red?

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