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  1. Probably wouldn't be so muddy if I would have followed my friends up and over the hill. Wasn't sure how to get back to the truck. They followed someone that knew where the parking area was. I followed a trail that went the way I thought it did. The trail looked like a mud bog pit a little ways down so I went mud bogging. lol
  2. Problem wylde1 I shouldn't have got stuck there. The water was only a few inches deep. The real picture to have got would have been when I used my warrior like a submarine. Found a hole was almost 3 feet deep when I tried to go through it. Filled my airbox full of water. Airbox lid screws are broke off so it doesn't seal up to good.
  3. The water was only about as deep as what you see at the right front wheel. My friend had just rode through to the left side of where I rode.
  4. He didn't kill it. He just got stuck. Couldn't move, The motor was still running.
  5. Nah he didn't flood it. He just didn't get across. He was stuck. He went down in the creek first and got stuck I wasn't sure if I wanted to get down there and try to get him out. I was on sand when I took the picture. After I got him out we went down the creek further with me in the lead. Next thing I know I have to pull him out again cause he killed the quad in the water and it wouldn't start back up.
  6. Never rode a horse by myself. I remember as a little kid riding on the back when my brother's friend had one. Can't remember riding it but I know I got a ride.
  7. What size is that? Don't think I've ever had a Kaw.
  8. First time for me to ever see a dragster 4 wheeler
  9. Looks like you got a little muddy that day.

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