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  2. I have a polaris six wheel and was wondering if it could be converted to a four wheeler without to much trouble?
  3. I had come to the conclusion that my trouble was electrical so after checking/cleaning every connection I could find like had been suggested and testing as many electrical components as I could with still the same symptoms I went ahead and changed the cdi module and now it is back on the trail.
  4. Carb has been rebuilt and then taken apart and looked at again. With hunting season right around the corner I think some oldfashion parts swaping is next. Anyone know of an atv salvage yard that might have arctic cat electrical parts?
  5. 1998 arctic cat 500 starts and runs fine for 20 minutes then idles very fast with slight backfire. Had this symptom the first six times but now the last two times it runs fine for 20 minutes then just runs rough and stalls. If you try to keep it running with some throttle it backfires bad. I have sprayed carb cleaner around engine and carb with no effect. Could it be electrical? stator? cdi box?

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