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  2. I've been reading through these forums for about two weeks looking into the issue I am having with my 425 Magnum and have tried everything I have seen but nothing has fixed my issue. Basically, I picked this 4wheeler up knowing it would idle perfect but would not rev past 1/3 throttle. I figured it was a Carb issue but after looking at that realize it is not. I have replaced the Cam and Rockers, again not the problem. I finally took the air box completely off and noticed that the hose going to the airbox was wrinkle inside and possibly letting air in. I figured I would permatex it up as a temp fix before purchasing that. Well, while it was setting up over night, I decided to run the bike. It ran damn good. It would rev to full throttle even though it was sputtering which I attributed to the lack of vacuum line being connect due to the air box being off. Anywho, I put the air box back on when I got home from work thinking I found the issue and the thing is back running the way it was before. The engine doesn't completely die it just struggles to stay firing. I have also already tried disconnecting the rev limiter (black wire) but got the same results. Does anyone have any other ideas before I take this thing down the road and run it into the Quarry?!?!?!? Thanks

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