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  1. mjl01


    that picture is wicked lol
  2. mjl01

    bad brushes

    Thanks ox im ready to start ridin again wen i put my new rear ends bearings back in!!!
  3. sweet ox ive got me a lap top to and its great except i have a windows hp
  4. if u look close u will see wats on my tires haha
  5. haha thanks ox tht was an awsome day!!!!
  6. mjl01

    muddy bucket

    hahaha been there done tht lol.... gotta love tht mud
  7. hahaha ive had tht happen to me before wen i went with some friends to go muddin in a small pond
  8. mjl01

    my 400

    thanks man
  9. mjl01

    my ex

    ya thts wat happens wen u ride real hard lol
  10. mjl01

    my 400

    i try to keep mine clean
  11. mjl01

    Honda 700xx

    hahaha not sur
  12. mjl01

    caught by wire

    dang im glad i didnt end up tht way
  13. mjl01

    shes clean again

    no shes gettin dirty again after last night lol.... ya they clean up pretty good notice theyr bald lol
  14. mjl01

    ghost wheelie

    i was in 4th in tht pic.... i have another where i was in 3rd
  15. cool guy on the right must be good to ride one on a utility
  16. mjl01

    sweet.... 400ex kicks A$$
  17. awsome i wish me and my family each had quads
  18. its a honda itll be alright
  19. nice... do yo always have a serious look lol

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