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  1. hahahaha i clicked on this pic and just had a feeling it was u lmfao
  2. sweet looks like lots of fun!!!
  3. U go girl and nice 400 they r one of a kind!!!!
  4. Yesterday i tried to upload a picture of my four wheeler but it just came out as a little box with a red x in it, so i figured out how to upload it as my profile picture so maybe someone seen it before and ould tell me the make and/or model. thanks
  5. thanks for the tips guys. I prolly should wear a helmet but i havent yet
  6. Hi. I am 14 years old and I have had my atv for almost a week now and everyone who lives in western new york knows that one day it can b sunny and warm and the next day cold and snowing. I hav drove my '07 atv around the yard and in the snow covered fields. I just got it stuck today for the first time following my friend with a 4 wheel drive tractor with a trailer go in a little mud and I tried to go through the big mud pit he left and I pushed it out. I am still trying to find out the model of my atv.check out my thread under the Kazuma section if you could help me.
  7. the sticker on the fender says the displacement is 149cc but the sticker on the side of my atv just says 150cc. no other stickers or company names beside who made it on my first post..
  8. Hi, I bought a four wheeler that i believe is a Kazuma. It says 150cc, there is a sticker on the rear left fender that talks about gas, oil, spark plug&gap, it also says the engine family is 7avtxox(by or times) .15nfg. it also says it was made in China and made by chongqing astronautical bashan motorcycle manf. co. ltd. i bought this from a guy in jamestown. i found the ad on craigslist. I am 14 and decieded to buy a atv.

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