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  2. Seems my ATC went from a semi-working bike, to a project. Originally a traded for it, on the assumption it worked. Then, it didn't. Started with the carb, didn't really know what I was doing, and had to buy a new one. Lesson learned. Then took apart the top end, and it turns out the piston / rings and all that was near brand new! SCORE. So, I cleaned the rust out of the gas tank, and was gonna put it back together. This is where I am at now. Cleaning out the rust, I discovered 6 pinholes through which gas was leaking. The pictures show the stripping of the paint, the sanding of the metal, and the J-B weld plugging up the holes. More to follow! Painting it this week. Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. So me, being the inexperienced dummy I can sometimes be, spent 20 minutes cussing the bike cause it wouldn't start, then my buddy came up, switched it to the on position, and it cranked try number one ha ha. Then today at work I had a friend look at it with me when he questioned me having the choke on. I swore up and down it was off! Then we warmed it up, kicked the choke off, and it purred... almost... seems to be getting too much air still. I guess I will learn everything the hard way with this thing
  4. I will give it a shot! Thanks! I will probably be back on here next week trying to figure out the clutch! Seems to be shifting kind of hard... Or maybe I am not properly using it..
  5. Just got a 3 wheeler in a trade, and am currently trying to set it up to run properly. Not gonna lie, I have little to no experience working on engines so it has been interesting.
  6. So I tore apart the carb and took out 30 years worth of rust and mud. Looks pretty now. Re-installed and got it running. After setting the pilot screw to factory recomendations. Seat, then back it out two, I tried to adjust the throttle stop screw to make it idle correctly. It seemed to be idling fine, I drove it around the block a couple times, and when I stopped in neutral to idle the rpm's started to climb and started pumping out white smoke. I killed the engine before any damage could be done. Any suggestions? The throttle stop screw was adjusted to almost all the way seated before it would idle correctly.
  7. 1982 ATC 200. Thanks man!! Now if I could only get the carb to stop spewing fuel like it is going out of style!
  8. I dont think it is a 350... It seems much smaller. I will try the vin site. And the vin would be located???
  9. I received this as a trade for an old VW van. The guy bought it at a storage auction, and I am not sure what it is. It has 5 speeds, and an auto clutch I am assuming.
  10. Can anyone tell me what kind of bike this is???

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