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  2. Hey guys, Sorry it's been so long again. Here are some final pics of the install. You can see in one of them where the headlight bars still need to be mounted. They are sitting right under the new mounts, so I need to tweak them a little a drill new holes. If I had to do this over again, I will still get the mounts, but go with fat bars instead. That way I wouldn't have to have the cross over and I could use the supplied mount pad/dust cover. Great product though. Nice that my arms are less tired after a ride.
  3. May 12th & 13th, 2012 21st Annual WAATVA's Spring Fling Poker Run Capitol State Forest * Raffle items * Silent Auctions-this year to Whidbey Island Resort and for a FREE Spray In Truck Bedliner! So come prepared...bring CASH!! NOTE: You MUST have a Discovery Pass to park on DNR land anywhere in Washington (which includes Capital State Forest trail heads) This is NOT our law, it's Washington States! Click here to go to DNR's website purchase one "on-line" or find a store location near you to purchase one. See flyer below. http://www.waatva.org/uploads/Fun_Run_Flyer_2012_wPR_V1.pdf Ill be there with a bunch of buddies!
  4. Hey guys, Sorry its been forever since I last logged in. I finally got these mounts installed today. This was not an easy installation for my particular application. So I ordered the mounts for the 7/8"s bars I have because I really like the bend and they were relatively new. Well come to find out that the adapter bracket for the polaris models spreads the clamps too far part for the bottom bend on my bars. So right away I had to buy new bars today. Would have ordered the fat bar version if i saw that coming. The other issue I ran into was the head light bracket. Since the Scramblers have bracket that mounts under the handle bar clamps, I had to drill two new holes for the single stud clams. After it was all said and done, it was about a 6 hour install for me. Still have a few things to work out, but overall I like them so far. I have a poker run with a 50 mile trail ride this weekend. I will let you guys know how they do.
  5. This would be a great idea! For the west side, a trip to Florence, OR sand dunes would a great place for all skill level riders and camping for everyone.
  6. I just got the missing bracket in the mail the yesterday. Sorry its taking so long to get these things installed. As soon as I move the moving boxes out of my garage, I will put them on sometime in the next couple of days. I'm very excited to try them out!
  7. I would love to add a stabilizer too, but I'm moving into a new house this week. I have way to many other bills right now lol. I got the mounts and they look and feel very high quality. The kit I have is supposed to include an adapter plate for Polaris models, but it was missing. The mounts all have the single stud style mounting and the factory Polaris stems use a 4 bolt style clamp. The adapter is supposed to make the mounts fit and spread them apart for a little better stability. So I have a call into them and hoping to hear back today.
  8. Since it sounds like your using it for some work, the 700 will probably be your better choice. It has a lot of power, but you'll be fine. Just try to keep it under a 100 your first couple times out. The high mileage on the other one wont be too big of an issue as long as it has been maintained very well, but I would set some money a side for a engine rebuild in the future. The only gripe I have about the 700 is that I heard it gets some pretty bad fuel mileage. I've never owned one so I can't verify. Solid proven machine though!
  9. The only things they make are the clamps and a steering stabilizer. You might be able to combine the clamps with some kind of a anti-vibe stem if you want to spend the money, but you shouldn't need both the clamps and bars. I'm thinking it might be too much flex over bumps. Here is their website. Precision Racing Products ATV Steering Stabilizer damper
  10. The Fast Flexx bars will not work with the precision set up. The clamps have to slide onto the bar and the Flexx Bars won't allow you to do that. I read a few reviews and it looks like quite a few people have switched from the Flex bars to the Precision. They said they didn't like the way the shape/curve of the bars is always changing. The tracking already says I'll have them tomorrow, so I will try to get them installed this weekend and let you know!
  11. Well I just ordered up the mounts. I'll post a full write up after I get them installed.
  12. Good morning QC! You guys making any plans for your women on Valentines day? I'm taking the gf to our favorite little restaurant tonight.
  13. I'm still pretty new to the site, but so far I have no complaints! I really enjoy reading through the forum here and the photo contests. I wouldn't mind seeing some regional forums.

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