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  1. Captnfangdango


    nice pic wylde!
  2. Looks like it was a good time !!
  3. Captnfangdango

    Florence, OR

    nice pic. looks like everyone's having fun. wish we had some dunes were i live.
  4. Captnfangdango

    Contest Photo

    you know it's a good mud hole when you can't even see you or your quad.
  5. you'll be doing no handed wheelies soon if you keep practicing. you always find some way to make it look better.
  6. i hate though's ones where your almost to the end and then get hung up on some rutt's .
  7. i'm 6'6 and 250 #'s i would really have some trouble with that one.
  8. cool looking pic man!! you always keep it interesting .
  9. awesome pics wylde 1 !! hope you don t have a gas leak.
  10. Captnfangdango


    nice looking quad. hope you do good.

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