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  2. there is white smoce for about 2 mins after that nothing....i dont see anything or smell anything... ill chec a closer looc next time i ride ....i just changed the blac oil and oil filter that was busted... and i thinc there is suppose to be a screen and spring at bottom but it isnt there when i remove and also change the plug underneath.....the quad has 10000 kilometers on it.. not sure if its high or not but seem to run good....the back shoc seems to be soft even if i stifed it a bit but i can do with that for a while....i also change the rear diff oil.. bearings....seals....the tires have plug in them... need to be changed maybe before winter will see how it hold air....does anyone else have a yamaha bigbear 350 2x4 1997 or around those years ?
  3. i have bigbear 350 1997 2x4 and its smokes when i started it up... for about 3 minutes... i changed the oil and oil filter.... wondering is it something serious to worry about? the quad has 10 000 kilometers...seem to run fine to me....bough it for 900$
  4. i had to remove the rear diff and open it and then remove the bearing that way.. then put everything bac together...... i did not however remove the plug from the rear diff... by splitting the diff in half then the oil came out but for next time dont no how i will do it......will see next time......
  5. how to delete posts.... i got my bearing out finaly with help of a friend... need ot remove the post now anyone no how too???
  6. that is it.. i need to replace the number 10 and 11... i got the sea off easy...the axle also...i only need to get the left over of part number 11(the outside part of bearing) that is still inside there.... how to get it out..? cant put anything tru the frame from right to left to the bearing cause in the diff there is a gear and that gear is smaller then the race of the bearing... that why im stuc....need some advice thanc you.. and thanc you for that schematic....
  7. i need help with replacing rear axle bearing on yamaha big bear 350 1997 2X4. i got to remove the one on the right (closes to the wheel) now i need help on the side of the differential..i do have the axle off....i got part of the bearing off as it fell off once i remove the seal...the outside(the race) of the bearing is still in there ans it is bigger then the hole(gear inside the diff) there for i cant really put tools on other side to tap it off.. lice i did the opposite side...im stuc with the race on the side of the diff not nowing how to remove.. please help.... i aslo need help with whoble front drum braces....the wheel whobles when the drum are on the shaft in front... bearings and everything is fine...how to tell if it is the proper drum that is on it..?there seems to be some slight wear inside the drum where the 4 studs are....really slightly but stil... alright any help would be apreciated. thanc u..
  8. the play is really coming from the drum... there is no play on the shaft and the bearings.... it is the drum.... i will try putting washers or something on the nut that ceeps the drum in place.. the woble isnt coming from the ball joint y there.... i mean there is a slight loose but nothing to worry about compared to the drum ad wheel...... after ill chec what else i can do.. thanx..
  9. you mean the 4 botls on the drum? or the big nut in midlle? when i said whobles i meant the whole wheel and the drum.... the wheel dont whoble its selfe... it more lice the wheel and the drum all together that whobble even if all botls tieten up..
  10. hi need help with my big bear 350 2x4 1997... front wheels (both) whobles a lot...it is not the bearings i checed.... looc lice the dum brace... the drum is loose on the spline for the front shaft ( not 4x4).. lice i said i checed the bearings and their good....wondering if it could be wrong drums on it... or maybe bent drums wich not sure it could bent more licely breac but anyway i need help...when i put the shaft into the bearings all he way tru .. teh shaft doesnt move... so bearings good.... it is when i put the drum bac on and i attach the wheel on it....and i do have a manual and not too helpfull....of course the right thing to do would be to bring the qua to a dealer or mecanic.. but dont have a trailer and mostly no cash to pay someone to fix it.....i rather do it myselfe but i i dont no if i should buy new drums and their not cheap.... what could it be and what solution i have?? thanx.

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