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  1. Ok that sounds like it is worth trying. Thanks for the help.
  2. no, didnt try that but it didnt go into park when i put it on the trailer and then got to where i was going , started it up took it off and it still didnt go into park . shouldnt be that picky, and never has before
  3. :confused:out of the blue my 2007 vinson 500 4x4 wont go into park . no damage to machine or linkage. any ideas?
  4. i have a 2007 suzuki vinson 500 4x4, runs great everything is fine and then one day out of the blue the machine will not shift into park. there is no apparent damage to any parts or linkage. any ideas?
  5. on my kids 2006 kodiak 400 4x4 there are 2 drain plugs on bottom of machine. the back one is oil drain plug. what is the other big one, cause i pulled it by mistake first. it had a screen and spring behind it. is it just another oil plug. and are the tranny and motor oiled by same supply of oil.

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