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  2. Thank you for your help,I have now done that and it sounded better but still a rattle when running.I pulled left cover with water pump and found the oil pump shaft has sheered off on the end where it meshes with the water pump shaft.Not only that but there is a snap ring holding the plastic gear which runs the oil pump and it had slid to the left of the motor.I re-installed the plastic gear and cover and restarted the motor.noise quieted down but I need to replace that shaft in order for the water pump to work.I guess my question would be are these motors hard to split the case or do I have to in order to replace oil pump shaft and do you think if I use a heavier weight oil the motor might be ok.again thank you for your response.hope to hear from someone soon,Paul.
  3. Can anyone help with the valve lash specs for my 2004 kodiak 400,I am having a hard time finding or just not sure where to look.Have covers off and looks like someone used wrong wrench and started to strip nut so I want to make sure they got it right.Thanks in advance any help would be appreciated
  4. Thanks,I think you might be right on the non use of pull start.Now I get it to start but heats upin 10 min.checked fan motor by jumping with wire and no good but then wanted to check for power to fan wires for power when light cane on but no power either.Jumped the temp switch on radiator but no good,is there another temp switch on motor.Thanks again for any responses,Paul.
  5. Even with the plug out it is hard to pull,I have been checking into these and there are so many different possibilities.What about the one way bearing do they go bad often or not really.I have purchased this for my wife for only 1400 so I am willing to put money in it but not sure what to check.What about starter sounding like it is still engaged when it is shut off.again I appreciate any suggestions,thank you.
  6. Just purchased a 2004 kodiak 400,price was right due to the starter sounds like it is still engaged after turning back off and if you try to pull recoil it is very hard to even pull slow.If I remove recoil it pulls just fine.Need to know if anyone has had an issue like this or has heard of this.Also small knock that revs up with motor but not sounding like lower end.New to the forum,so please any suggestions would be appreciated.

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