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  2. tonka329

    My Rincon

    It's actually just a hickory axe handle. it comes in useful for things i don't much care for but ain't quite ready to shoot yet...
  3. tonka329

    My Rincon

    It is the best riding ATV I have ridden. it may be too soft for some but I am not a hardcore rider just a recreational rider and it really soaks p the rough stuff.
  4. Doesn't sound good for Mickey... Hope it works out!
  5. I would love to make it down there this summer!! Sounds great
  6. Looking to trade/sell my Honda 400EX. I have 4 sets of tires, and 3 sets of wheels. Quad has "Bug Gun" pipe, K&N, 2 teeth up on front sprocket. Tires are: 3 - Holeshots (loose) 2 - Turf Tamers (mounted on 8" steel) 2 - Mud Busters (loose) 2 - Maxxis Razr (mounted on 10" aluminum) Maxxis are current operating tires now. I have original Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. Quad can be titled! Looking to trade for Polaris Scrambler 4-stroke. Cash would be $1,800 for this machine. Thanks, Tonka
  7. No. I'm actually only 65 miles south of Chicago... Why's that? Know a good place to ride down there?
  8. Dropped Scrambler #1 off to my mechanic. He is going to go through the carb and check compression. I will be dropping off the "basket-case" quad when I pick up quad #1... He will be able to re-assemble with all the parts I showed him!
  9. I bought 2 Scrambler 400 4x4's Saturday. 1 is complete (my wifes) that dies and won't stay running. The other one had a bearing issue in the trans... The PO decided to attempt and fix it himself. All I have is a quad with a motor and the rest of the parts in a bucket... My question is, do I have my mechanic attempt to put in all back together or just keep it for parts? Thanks in advance guys! Tonka
  10. How's it going guys (and gals)? New here to the forum. Have a 400EX and 2 Polaris Scrambler 400's. Lookiing to get to know some people and share some info and get help if needed!! Tonka

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