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  2. also if seafoam dose not work try taking off the air filter and spray carb and choke cleaner in it.
  3. thanks guys. there is a noise in two. but i will check the cv joints and see if that helps
  4. try seafoam but make sure you can start it before you put it in!!
  5. i took the hub and brake off and it still made the noise when i manually turned the wheel what should i try next?
  6. the quad is a 2001. yea i hear a clicking on the road when i let go of the gas. and the brake pad is shot. i will replace the pad and see if that helps. Thanks for renaming
  7. My Yamaha kodaik 450 4 wheel on commanded started to make a funny noise today it sounds like something scraping in the left front tire. on any surfaces in two wheel and fourwheel drive. the noise happens at random. i have taken the tire off and put it back on. and my hub is tight... i took the hub off and when i spin the wheel it builds up pressure and the makes the noise and then releases the pressure

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