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  2. Bought my son a used Kazuma Falcon 150. Has been running fine for 2 weeks since we bought. He uses it every day. Now it won't start. Visited these forums and started checking out electrical system getting familiar with all parts of circuit. First thing I notice different is our quad has 6 wires to Off-On-On key switch. 1 - red (typical) 1 - black (typical) 1 - green (typical) 1 - black\white (typical) 1 - yellow 1 - yellow white What do these other wires do? I also have determined (i believe) I have an automatic choke. I don't see this in any of the wiring diagrams I have found. I can't quite figure out the C.D.I yet. From what I seem to be reading is usually a significant issue on quads that don't start. Any suggestions? Any more detailed wiring diagrams out there which show additional wires to key switch and automatic choke?

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