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  2. thats my lil shadow, he supervises all repairs, upgrades, and modifications
  3. lil man sure loves the big one, he couldnt wait for me to get that one running. we already burned 5 gallons of gas just riding around the neighborhood on it
  4. buckhunter

    my bigger toy

    thank u, im looking for a bigger carb for it, i removed the fuel injection, put a carb on, it runs great now, just wont open up all the way, cant wait to finish it off
  5. buckhunter

    my bigger toy

    most definately that one is quickly becoming my favorite ride, best part of it, i got it for free couple weeks ago cause nobody down here could get it to run
  6. yea, thats my lil man, he has to ride everyday, at least a quick trip around the neighborhood
  7. buckhunter

    my toys

    oh yea, i get in some really deep holes. we have a place down here on the gulfcoast thats free to ride, if you not snorkled you gotta go around most holes
  8. thank u,that quad is snorkled and carburated now, lil man would ride forever if u let him

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