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  2. UPDATE... It is running but I need to clean the carb it only stays running if choke is held open.. The front side of timing chain is loose any tips to tighten it easily ? but it def has improved a $200 bike is now $400 not bad long as i can dial it all in.... Any ideas is appreciated ... lol
  3. lmao....Thats a good one... I broke down bought a book going through it found one bad connector the left switch connector... I did check and replace battery cables and ground and fuse block..
  4. Do you Have a good diagram? Cuz Im thinkin i have some wiring issues! I have lights but still no spark so not sure if thers wiring issue or if its the stator i pushed it today 25mph with truck nothing...
  5. I checked Stator it checked out good!!! Im gonna go get new kill switch the one I have now has got wires sodered inside thats all coming loose someone has been working on it before so i think time to replace it.
  6. Update i took the kill switch apart as advised and I found 2 broken wires were soder came loose.. Could that cause all my problems? Maybe stupid question but Im hoping to get it running for this coming weekend...
  7. I've done all the basic shecks but im thinking the kill switch could be bad the light switch works but dont know about the rest? I just got a multi meter gonna check everything with those specs Thank You i will up date the status.. I have put a new coil on it and put hole new fuse block and all in to eliminate that i pulled harrness apart tapped few of wires that had bare spotts.. I put new key switch in as well..
  8. Do you have repair manual for a 350 warrior 01 ? I'm not getting any spark and troubleshooting is hard without specs. It would be great help if you could !!!
  9. I have an 01 350 warrior I'm getting no spark.. There is issues with the bike someone before me hot wired ignition, bypassed fuse, pulled e brake and senser... I put the proper ignition in it. I put the fuse back in checked the harness retaped it up. To turn it over i have to jump the sileniod the push start does nothing... I ordered new cdi box cuz friend told me that is my problem. I havent recieved it yet.. Any suggestions? I have meter to test stator but dont know wich wires to test or how to do it exzactly

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