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  2. Thanks oxidized_black. I decided to go thru all the wiring and make sure everything was making connections. I found a fuse holder (with a blown fuse) just under the right hand side of the seat. I took the spare fuse out of the holder and replaced it and it works just fine. I bought this bike new but it has set up in my barn for about 7 years now. I did do a little storage prep before I just parked it. My wife has a friend that has joined our deer lease here in Texas and I am refurbing this for her. Wish me luck. I will update as I go along.
  3. I have a 1996 Big Bear 350 4x4 and it won't start from the start button, I replaced the solenoid and still nothing. I can jump the solenoid and it cranks right up. What else can I check or do. It has a brand new battery and solenoid. Help please?

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