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  2. 1987 Polaris Cyclone 250-X, must have been about 10 years old
  3. All right I have a 02 400ex, the engine is stock other than a rev box. I have a new fmf powerbomb pipe and a used megamaxII muffler to put on it. I don't like how loud the muffler is but there is a weight and power difference. Currently i have the pipe on it with the stock muffler, (nice and quiet!) But i don't want to mess the engine up, do i need to re jet? If so where to start from. I was told a 160 worked good in a different ex with the exhaust I havebut I would like to know what you think. And yes it is a pain to pull the spark plug on a 400ex, especially when they are hot.
  4. I took the clutch apart, the discs seem to be warped, I put them on a flat surface and I can place a feeler gauge under them so I ordered new plates for it. And hopefully that will do it.
  5. I just bought a 2002 sportrax 400ex, it has a newer clutch from a dealer along with some new internal parts, as well as new lever and cable, When i got it it was hardly dragging, if you jacked it up then put it in gear the rear tires would slowly turn with the clutch pullled in. I tried to adjust the new cable both ways but now it is worse. It shifts hard and with the clutch pulled in with out it running you can hardly turn the rear tires with it in gear? What adjustments can be made? What could be wrong with it?

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