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How do I stop a clutch from dragging

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I just bought a 2002 sportrax 400ex, it has a newer clutch from a dealer along with some new internal parts, as well as new lever and cable, When i got it it was hardly dragging, if you jacked it up then put it in gear the rear tires would slowly turn with the clutch pullled in. I tried to adjust the new cable both ways but now it is worse. It shifts hard and with the clutch pulled in with out it running you can hardly turn the rear tires with it in gear?

What adjustments can be made? What could be wrong with it?

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There are a few things that can make your clutch act funny.

#1) Does your clutch have a difficult time disengaging?

It could be............

a) The clutch lever may be damaged.

b) The cable may need oiled. You can purchase a cable oiling kit from a bike shop.

c) The clutch basket may have "worn spots" on it where the clutch plates come in contact with it. A temporary fix for this is to remove the basket and file smooth the spots where the grooves are. This will only last a short while. you must replace the basket.

#2) Clutch grabs slightly at idle

a) Out of adjustment

b) Warped clutch plates.

c) Oil / trans fluid is to heavy.

#3) Clutch slips

a) Out of adjustment

b)Worn / damaged clutch plates

c) Weak clutch springs

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It sounds to me like it's an adjustment issue like MWKE said. With something like that if nothng works, I would take it apart and reinstall making sure the parts are correct by taking a ride to the dealer and matching them up.

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I took the clutch apart, the discs seem to be warped, I put them on a flat surface and I can place a feeler gauge under them so I ordered new plates for it. And hopefully that will do it.

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if your slipping ,did u put the metal plates rough side towrds the motor? Is the basket grooved if so replace it, or sand it down if u sand down it wont last long so replace at once!! did u adjust the prussure plate bolt? the clutch arm on the motor should be facing the pointer on the motor casing above the sprocket . Push the clutch arm in with your hand untill it gets stiff if the arm faces the pointer it's good, if not adjust the bolt on the prussure plate untill it dose. Turn the bolt out to braing the arm in, turn the bolt in to braing the arm out. Make sure u leave a little slack in the clutch cable so the clutch fully disages.and dont froget if u buy a new set of clutch disks to put the clutch disks in oil 3or 4 hours before u use the clutch disks. well man do this and u will be riding again see u later.

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