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  1. I'll race u on my Bnahsee (Galf Cart), I bet my Galf Cart banshee will blow your 3 wheelers away!
  2. The leaner the meaner yea, but remember if u run to lean u will cause motor wear faster then normal because of more friction ,or if u run to rich u will make the motor run hot because u would be burning more oil then gas, the gas helps to cool the pistion. BY THIS I MEAN THE OIL TO GAS MIXTURE RATIO'S!!
  3. I have to agree with Dirtdemon all the way, like me he knows the pros and cons of both 2 and 4 stroke motors.
  4. 2 words (YAMAHA BANSHEE) need i sey more?
  5. Now that's some crazy shit there, if u had to start each one by hand that would suck! makes me wonder if it's real or just a joke? If it's real then this man has a LITTLE rocket bike!!
  6. if your slipping ,did u put the metal plates rough side towrds the motor? Is the basket grooved if so replace it, or sand it down if u sand down it wont last long so replace at once!! did u adjust the prussure plate bolt? the clutch arm on the motor should be facing the pointer on the motor casing above the sprocket . Push the clutch arm in with your hand untill it gets stiff if the arm faces the pointer it's good, if not adjust the bolt on the prussure plate untill it dose. Turn the bolt out to braing the arm in, turn the bolt in to braing the arm out. Make sure u leave a little slack in the clutch cable so the clutch fully disages.and dont froget if u buy a new set of clutch disks to put the clutch disks in oil 3or 4 hours before u use the clutch disks. well man do this and u will be riding again see u later.
  7. 1st. did u put the clutch plates in the right way the steal plates go rough side to motor. 2ed did u adjust the prussure plate bolt. Sounds like your trans is slipping . Or u could of have broke your output dose the sprocket spin when u put the motor in gear?if the clutch is fine u have broke your output shaft inside your transmission, drain oil and check for metal shavings . If u have broke your output shaft dont start your quad the shaft could bounce around and get cought in your gears!!!. well i hope this helped u. good luck
  8. Check Your Coil Sound Like It Is Bad. U Can Ride Untill Your Quad Gets Hot Then It Losses Power From What U Were Saying Rode 15 Min.then It Loss Power.it Start's Here Once The Coil Goes Out All The Way Your Quad Will Get Hot And Die. So Check Your Coil. Well See U Later.
  9. It's Your Coil . After Yrs Of Ridding It Will Wear Down The Coil. The Coil Takes Power From The Stater And Amplyfies It So U Get A Hot Spark For The Spark Plug . The Coil Is Getting Hot And Leaning Out On Power From Years Of Riding The Atv. Also If U Plug Check Without Grounding The Spark Plug To The Motor Or Something Metal This Will Burn Your Coil Out! I Hope This Help U, Well Have A Good Day.
  10. The honda 400EX is geard more for top end not so u will out run the scrapter 350.As far as trail riding goes the scrapter is less heavy front end wise so this will make hill climbing more of a challange . Also the HONDA will have more ponies so stick with it. If u want a pure drag atv get a banshee trust me, i smoke moifided 400 and 450's all day! with no problem. so have fun shopping.
  11. you still can bye a banshee but not in america. canadaand some country''s still sell them. The blaster was replaced w/ a 4 stroke 250cc motor, yamaha still produces there 85,125,250 two stroke bikes as well but not in the usa.

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