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250r compression

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i just had my top end redone i have a 1988 trx 250r w/a 86 ported and polished cylinder and piston what should my compression be? the problem is my bike wont stay running after it gets hot, it did this 3 times, and each time it took less and less time.now it wont start at all. checked the stator and it appears to be fine as well as the cdi box, any help would be greatly appreciated....thx


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I think it should be @ the 200-210 PSI mark, but I'm not 100% sure. It sounds like the CDI box to me. How did you check it?

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200psi is very high, you can't run pump gas with that high of comp. I'm pretty sure that it should be around 160psi, but I am not 100% sure on that. I would do a leak down test to make sure your crank case is sealed, if you have a leak some where, that could be your problem.

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It's Your Coil . After Yrs Of Ridding It Will Wear Down The Coil. The Coil Takes Power From The Stater And Amplyfies It So U Get A Hot Spark For The Spark Plug . The Coil Is Getting Hot And Leaning Out On Power From Years Of Riding The Atv. Also If U Plug Check Without Grounding The Spark Plug To The Motor Or Something Metal This Will Burn Your Coil Out! I Hope This Help U, Well Have A Good Day.

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      I have a late 80s 200x and it hass very little compression what could be my issue please help I can get pictures if that will help you guys help me thanks for all advice in advance
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      I brought my Arctic Cat into a local power sports store to have it serviced. because it would not fire up. they did a compression test and it read 33 PSI. the shop then did a valve adjustment which brought it up to 66 PSI, which is still too low. the shop called me after they messed with the valves and told me that they are going to have to take the top end off and look at it. they quoted me at $300. they think it needs a new valve seating but they cant be certain until they look at it. and I just cant afford to spend that much. the shop said its probably going to be $800 when everything is said and done. luckily I know a master technician that is willing to take the engine apart. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and where to begin?
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