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  2. I recently bought a new dust mask " The Wolf snout" $19.99 online @ wolfsnout.com and really like it! My prior dust masks would be too hot and fog up my glasses and goggles. Just a lil info for anyone looking for a new one. Check out their video to see how it works on their website.
  3. Good Morning to you too!!!!! Great weather here in B.C. the sun is shining!! Too bad I'm not quading but that's happening next weekend! Can't wait.
  4. I usually wear the t-shirt I have on in this photo with my riding pants, boots, glove, goggles and sometimes a dust mask and helmet of course and a chest protectorhttp://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss25/Hodie_2009/Facebook/Poker%20Ride/413187_10152052263680651_478460953_o.jpg' alt='413187_10152052263680651_478460953_o.jpg'>[/img]
  5. Maybe that is why I only got blisters on my left hand? I thought maybe it stopped because i have power steering now but I actually stopped wearing my ring at the same time.
  6. ummm, I had already done that now says Im already registered. but says invalid when i try chat still.
  7. i am currently logged in and when I click on live chat it says "incorrect log in details"??
  8. I take mine off now because its more comfortable without it. Ive been giving it to my husband to hang on to if I forget to take it off before the ride, but soon I will have a front box to carry my own supplies in.
  9. Hi , I Started riding at age 6 on a Honda 50 and broke my leg at age 6 when my brother ran into me on his 125 Honda. Moved up to an XR100 age11 which was stolen few years later. Started Quading when I met my 2nd husband in 2004.Started with a Yamaha Warrier then a Polaris Trail Blazer 330, then Polaris 400 2-stroke then Can-am Renegade500(White) and now I ride Can-am Outlander XT500(Black) love the power steering. I am a mother of my own 2 boys and 1 step-son. 2 out of 3 ride. I have two dogs a Pug Chewy(2yrs) and Eskimo Poodle name Kodi ( 5yrs). My husband rides a Polaris XP850 limited Edition. Love riding in Princeton B.C. where my parents live on 180 acres. Lots of nice trails.

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