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  1. Congratulations to Bob Laws from Colorado, USA for winning our sweepstake!!
  2. INPUT WANTED !!!! We are currently working on this year's schedule for events and race support and would like your input. What would be the best non-racing events (jamborees, rides, etc.) we should attend on the East Coast and on the West Coast? Our goal is to meet to most people to provide free technical support and possibly demo rides. Any suggestions? Thanks !
  3. Congratulations to our Winner of the Stage 3 Giveaway Tyler Norager from Utah! Thank you all for your participation! We,re running another sweepstake for the Utility Quad world... Check it out in the General ATV Discussion!
  4. Hi Guys! We thought you might want to participate to our giveaway for Utility Quad! We are giving away a Full Set of Stage 1 for Utility Quad + 1 WARN Vantage 3000 Winch! To participate: SWEEPSTAKE: Win a Stage 1 ATV shocks combo + Warn Vantage 3000 winch | Elka Suspension Good Luck! Drawing will be on March 1st. Also, the Stage 1 kit is offered for only $995 for a limited time! Informations & Details here: Stage 1 Front & Rear Kit for Sports-Utility Quads | Elka Suspension
  5. Last chance to win our full Stage 3 setup! Here: Front & Rear Stage 3 ATV Shocks Kit (limited-time only, while supplies last) | Elka Suspension Drawing is friday the 15th! Good Luck!
  6. Hey guys! Here is your chance to win a full Stage 3 kit for your ATV! The product: Front & Rear Stage 3 ATV Shocks Kit (limited-time only, while supplies last) | Elka Suspension To participate: Stage 3 Kit Sweepstake | Elka Suspension Good Luck!

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