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  2. OK, after tearing the carb apart again, I noticed the diaphragm wasn't on properly. I checked it for tears and refit it. Cleaned everything again and put it back together. It will still idle, although a little rougher now. But now I can't give it any throttle. The moment I touch the throttle, and I mean just touch it, she dies dead. Buddy of mine figures the pilot jet still might be glazed, and that I should just replace it. Raybob, I will let you know if this works, maybe that's what's getting you too.
  3. Thanks guys, I was already figuring about tearing the carb apart again. I thought it might be throttle linkage as well. It just feels like I only have half throttle.
  4. Hey guys, brand new to the post. I have a 2000 Quadmaster 500. Long story short, my atv wouldn't start this spring due to gummed carb. Pulled it apart and cleaned everything, and replaced float needle. Put everything back together, cleaned the fuel tank and put new fuel in her. She started great and idled fabulous. I went to go for a rip and found I only had half power. Flat out throttle and I only had maybe 10-15 miles an hour. It wasn't choking or flooding or running rough. It just felt like half power. HELP!!

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