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  1. im thinking of getting kenda executioners 26x10x12 & 26x12x12 currently have 25x8x12 & 25x10x12 on 88' Yamaha bigbear any thoughts on possible problems with larger taller tires? and any thought on brand/type i ride a mix of jeep trails, serious rocky climbing trails and snow
  2. Im in desperate need for a 92' sportsman 350 Manuel, if any body has one it would be greatly appreciated
  3. so im new to ATV's and i purchased a 24 year-old quad with only 500 miles on it from an old man. it has never even been off road not one scratch on the skid plates or frame anywhere, he just used it to taxi his boat to the lake. and it has sat for like the last 5 years. so my question is, is there any necessary maintenance anybody can think of before i take this thing on a long ride. it appears to have sat with the fuel valve in the open position the whole time....(its impossible to turn without large pliers). i changed the oil and it seems to run great. ill put up a pic soon.

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