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  2. I can roll it around freely. I even put it on a stand with the wheel on the side where the clutch is off and the other wheel rotates. So that said the wheels only turn "weight Free".
  3. There is really nothing to see in detail. The clutch does not lock on to the chain to make the wheels move. The inside of the clutch is rotating and its not moving the chain.
  4. I have this 4 wheeler that I am building and i have encountered a problem. The 4 wheeler will not move! I am a beginner to all of this. The clutch over inside is rotating but the chain is not moving; I already replaced the clutch it is brand new. The clutch overheats and it starts to shoot out smoke. Is this a clutch problem? Am I using the wrong type of clutch? The clutch is a Max-Torque 3/4 in. bore and 10 teeth. Or is the Engine too small? Is the 4 wheeler to heavy? Im using a Briggs and Stratton 3 hp 127 cc 3600 rpm Here are some pictures of the clutch and the engine. 4 wheeler clutch and engine pictures by javydiaz - Photobucket
  5. It runs but the clutch is broken, i need to replace it, so i still haven't ridden it.
  6. Please help me out here. I bought a Atv/4- Wheeler for $150 bucks. Im not an expert on these things. What is it? What brand/Type???? So i need to know how i can fix it up. I want to mod it basically. Please tell me what i can do to it!?? *Also where I can find parts for a cheap price online Here are some pics. Please take a look. http://s1241.photobucket.com/albums/gg514/javydiaz/

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