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  2. i just did the carb spray while its idling and i sprayed the whole thing and it didn't do anything UNTIL i sprayed where the boot bolts up to the motor, when i sprayed that the idle went crazy, that must be the problem, when i replaced the boot i actually think i didn't put a gasket there like a idiot, (i think), so i will put a gasket on tomorrow and hopefully solve this thing, thank you guys for the fast response and all the help!!
  3. and thanks schaefer, how can i set the screws?
  4. ok are they real hard to find and expensive?
  5. awesome thanks guys! and i forgot to mention that when its idling at normal rpms it makes like a popping noise kind of like a back fire but you dont hear it come out of exhaust it backfires into the air filter box if that makes any sense at all,
  6. I have a 1994 Yamaha big bear 350 4x4, it sat for maybe a year, so i recently got it running and it sounds good but when im in neutral and i rev it a little and let off the rpms will stay the same or go higher and will eventually come back down slowly, the cable isnt sticking, and i have cleaned the carb as much as i can from the spray to the fuel additive to clean it, any advice will help thanks!
  7. i have a 1994 yamaha big bear 350 and wanting to change the oil but not sure where the oil filter is, and how much oil? dont have the book anymore. if someone could help i would appreciate it thanks!

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