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  2. Thank you guys for all the help It was broken works behind the rear plastic Actually corodied wires. Fix them Everything up and working. Except for the Fuel pump it does not come on unless I bypass it. But then the start fine but when I ride it it runs like crap ? I guess it's Due to pump on none stop and makes The bike run rich and sluggish checked Wires and nothing else is broken What is my next step guys? What else can I do? Thank you all for the help for getting me This far
  3. Ok thank you will give a shot later Ann Will keep you posted. Thank you again
  4. Yes please let me know how to take the Plastic off Thank you again
  5. once again thank you guys for helping me. ok so this is what i have done so far before i open up the whole bike apart. took power from main fuse and provided it to the red wire on the ING. then took power from the light fuse and provided it to the grey wire on the ING. then took power from the red/black wire from the ING and provided it to the fuel rely and the bike works .light come on when needed. bike runs and can turn off and run. the only thing is that the dash flickers on and off. please guys tell me if the rout i took is ok or not. or is there any other way of connecting the wires like that. what i think is that it is the 3 ING wires that were broken somewhere. sorry i have never worked on a bike before.
  6. first of thank you. now are you thinking a broken wire. now if that was the case would i still get power to ing if i give power to ing fuse? just wondering. thanks again
  7. hi everyone i'm new too all this. and happy i found this site. here is the problem i'm having with my cat. few months ago i went to start the cat and no power nothing came on. so after reading few posts on the net . i suppiled power to ingnition and got power to it. but no lights. ok fine. drove the bike like that during the days only. now power still there but does not start. ok thought it with the ing switch. replaced it and still the same. fuel pump does not go on or i can not hear it.starded checking all the fuses and they are all fine.so i provide power to the fuse for the the fuel pump and can hear it come on hit the start button and the bike starts. give the power to light fuse and same thing they come on. checked the power to main fuse and the power is there coming in and going out. what seems to be the issue? if anyone one can help before taking her in. Thanks.

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