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  1. If any of you girls are close to oklahoma, the series I am racing has added new classes for the ladies. The series is Oklahoma Hare Scramble Championship Series (OHSCS). We now have a long course that is 1.5 hours and a short course that is not as technical that runs for a half an hour. If you race or want to try it out, the first race is on March 3rd in Konawa Oklahoma. Let me know if your interested or have any questions.
  2. If it plugs in to the tube in front of the airbox, it is an oxygen sensor. I would think if it was a sensor it wouldn't be running right, you know like spiting and spudding. If you trace the wire back where does it go?
  3. A hard days ride can only be judged by the amount of mud stuck to everything. LOL
  4. I have had both. I started with an oneal. Had to take the arm pieces off because when I would race motocross it would bruise my forearms. Now I have a womans and have no issues with the arm pieces. I do not have a models body. Lol And tried on a fox womans and I didn't like how it fit. The other difference between my new one and the mens oneal is the oneal was really tall. The womans comes about 3-5" above my belly button. I will look tomorrow to see what the brand is. It starts with an a.
  5. I never wear mine when I race for fear of breaking a finger and having to get it cut off I wore it trail riding a few times but it makes a callus on my hand if we go out all day. I also have to watch taking my glove off because the setting gets caught. I have to watch when it's cold too cause it gets a little loose.
  6. I ride a kfx450. My husband bought it for me to upgrade from my 250 Mojave so I could race motocross. I love racing and trail riding. I wish there were more places around to race and ride at but we are a little limited around here. If it was possible I would race every weekend, but until I win the lottery I just get to race a few ;-) I am glad to see there are so many women out that that like to get dirty!
  7. Merry Christmas to my fellow QuadCrazy Riders. Santa was good to me too, he brought me LED's to give my 450 some bling ;-)
  8. Oklahoma Dirt-Slingers at this years Claremore Oklahoma Christmas Parade.
  9. The group that I belong to decorates their bikes and rides in the local town Christmas parade. I would love to take part in a contest like this.
  10. This is from our group ride at the 2010 Fall ATV Rally at Byrd's Adventure. We had a blast this year, logged allot of miles and ate plenty of dust.

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