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  2. 60 miles uses 2 quarts of oil, does not smoke, does not leak. Where could it be going?
  3. The hose that blowing oil is coming off the top of motor, it does not run to breather box, I don't even see anywhere for it to conect to breather box, local repair shop, said gears in rear end were going out and would need whole new rear end. They said its all one piece in rear end have to replace everything, i think that is crap, lol.
  4. I've got the rear end popping when its under a load, I know that can't be good, but its also blowing oil out of blow by hose? Why I don't know, it hasn't been over filled with oil, also has gas in breather box. Does anyone have any ideas? Atv only has 400 hours on it.

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