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  2. OK, thank you anyway. I already tracked it down to a dirty headlight switch and cleaned the contacts. I have seen this type of plastic before, avoid contact cleaner spray! No idea what the next thing will be, got to ride it a while and see.
  3. The clock repair guy didn't have a crystal for me so i epoxied on a clear lens from an old mini-maglite. It may or may not have a problem with the gas, but at least it does't splash gas anymore.
  4. No, that is a liquid cooled unit. I just got the quad yesterday have to track down some electrical lighting problems, the schematic may be similar, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  5. OK, I already found the answer to my own question. The guage unit sells for $30, and bezel for $6 from PowerSportsPro.com. Since my guage functions I am ging to remove the decomposed (due to ethanol?) clear part and epoxy on an old watch crystal. If it doesn't work it cost nothing to try.
  6. I have a 2000 big Bear 400. probably the same part. The guage on mine works, the clear plastic cover is not clear, and broke so gas splashes out. It looks like the silver cap retaining it has little detent clips cut into the side that can be gently un-hooked with a dental pick or similar tool to remove the cover, but is pointless without a replacement part. Anyone have a PN for that? There may be an o-ring in there as well.
  7. . Could you please link me to the repair manual for a 2000 Big Bear, yfm400fw aircooled with oil cooler,, not the liquid cooled yfm400fwA(m) I have found on this thread a few times. My Vin is 5y4ah06y5ya200xxx. Thank you

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