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  1. I finally got a chance to replace the spark plug but I still get nothing from the pull start. The connections to the starter shouldnt effect the pull start... should it? How would I go about testing if there is spark? Thanks.
  2. I am a noob. Recently bought a 95 Xplorer off craigslist to have some fun with and plow my drive. When I purchased it the seller said all it needed was a new battery. It consistently started on the second pull at first. Now it fires up right away or I nearly throw my back out. It doesnt seem to fire at all when it wont start. The electric starter doesnt work. The relay just clicks when trying to use the electric start. I shorted the positive battery terminal to the starter but got nothing. I was going to take the starter out to see about replacing it but thought I should get it running consistently from the pull first. Any suggestions? Possible simple checks? Spark plugs or the carb were my first thoughts but I am new to working on a 2-stroke.

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