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  2. Heywire77 No, nothing figured out yet. I had to walk away from it for a few days because it was driving me crazy. I really don’t trust my old fluke volt meter, so I have ordered a new one because I needed one anyway. A new fluke… that will be here Saturday hopefully. Then I will do all the tests again and let you know.
  3. it is negative volts i have 5o the coil... yes, NEGATIVE! Orange and white wire have good battery voltage, 12.75 volts no spark on pull start. I am pulling the wiring harness today to see what i can find
  4. I asked because I am having the exact same problem I have a 2005 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 Auto FIS with NO SPARK ________________________________________ I was out riding my 2005 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 Auto FIS and parked it for 5 minutes and then I had no spark. Battery fully charged Kill switch check and is perfect New spark plug, new coil I pulled the side cover and flywheel and magnets are perfect Stator tested poorly, not bad, but I replaced it and the trigger anyway. Here is the really big problem From the day it broke down I have been getting high voltage 370 volts to the coil positive wire with just the key on and 390 volts with the engine turning. According to the manual it should be 31v with key on and 130 volts turning. I get the same reading and no spark with the regulator/rectifier connected or disconnected. With the key on, if I go to attach the positive wire to the coil, it makes one high voltage spark and in a second or two when you touch the wire to the coil again it will have that same spank again. Even with the new trigger I still get the negative voltage to the coil What do I need to replace?

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