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  2. Hi all, Bought a 2001 Warrior not running. Kid claims to have had it rebuilt due to valves sticking open.Claims it was completely rebuilt and .030 over on the piston. After digging around some. Its all in doubt. Any way i pulled the carb and it was so gummed up it looked like someone stuffed it with cotton. SO I cleaned and put a fresh rebuild kit in it. It finally started but backfired a lot and would only Idle. I was told this was definitely the pilot circuit. So i have re cleaned and blew everything out with air. Re-assembled same issue. I have electrically isolated the parking brake circuit. Meaning I plugged the two bullet connectors together as I have read in many of the forums. So I know that isn't the cause. I know the stator is going out as you have to crank it over and over to start it with the starter. But I believe the stator is only used to start the bike electrically the bike can run without one. I spoke with a yamaha tech and was told the pilot circuit was the cause, so I re-cleaned the carb and paid special attention the the pilot jets etc.. I have the same exact issue. She purrs like a kitten at idle but the second your try to give her a little gas its like its being choked out. I was starting to lean towards a timing issue, but she wouldn't idle so good if the timing were off right? Anyone have any suggestions. I am running out of ideas.
  3. Thanks for the tip I was kinda leaning that way. Stage 1 jets or stage2?
  4. HI all, Im a newbie here. I just bought a 2001 Warrior 350. Previous owner claims to have just had the engine rebuilt due to valves being stuck open. He said it was bored .030 over. It starts only with starter fluid and only runs long enough to burn off the starter fluid. Any tips on what I should look at first?

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