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  2. I would purchase some yamaha decals to finish off the restoration of my 1996 Yamaha Kodiak 400. I love this quad. I want to make it look awesome and with the help of Bike Bandit IT IS POSSIBLE!!!! Before Restoration and After Restoration Pics https://plus.google.com/photos/108172520188382569353/albums/5845177979150585825?authkey=CNPH-ebjzKOkEA
  3. Good Morning QC !! From Central Oregon!!!!! (Its not really morning anymore)
  4. Thank You!!! Its been a winter project. Now it hasnt snow since I got it ready! LOL. Its been mild here. We had a couple of 12" snow storms and a few lesser ones, but Jan and Feb have been mild. Thanks again.
  5. I thought I would share some Before and After photos of my 1996 Kodiak 400 4x4 My son in law gave us his quad as he got another one and this one has been sitting outside for a couple of years. A horse chewed on the seat, the tires were flat, and it was in bad shape but he said the last time he had it running it ran great. I rebuilt the carb, cleaned the gas tanks, lubed up the cables and parts and alot of cleaning in general. I painted the quad all black so if I have to touch it up it wont be hard to do. I just used Flat Black paint. I did rough up the plastic before I painted it. Next I w

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