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  1. I would recommend replacing the motor vs the complete assembly. The Yamaha OEM assembly is a quality assembly and unless it's cracked or busted, I would keep it as long as possible. The motor is an easy install and much cheaper than the whole assembly. Once you replace the motor, you'll basically have a new assembly. Here is the link to the motors. http://www.501parts.com/product/5km-5gh-yamaha-replacement-servo-motor/
  2. The 2000 Kodiaks are limited slip as are all Yamaha front diffs with the exception of the diff lock models. There is no way to make that particular diff have diff lock. The only way to do it would be to swap out your front diff with a diff from a locking diff bike, 450, 660 Grizz etc. Axles and driveshaft would have to either match up or be swapped. Once that's done, we have a stand alone wiring kit that you could use for the electrical portion.
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  4. Hey, I joined the site and thought these videos may be helpful if you ever run into 4wd problems with your Yamaha.
  5. I just launched a new site that deals with all and any problems with the 4wd system on Yamahas. I have how to videos for testing the servo, disassembling the servo, replacing and purchasing the servo (motor only), testing relays, and testing the push button switch. I also have a link to download the 4wd testing portion of the service manual. Check it out at 501parts.com - Yahama Servo Motors Let me know if I can help. Heres a few of the videos and pics http://www.501parts.com/files/stacks_image_252.png http://www.501parts.com/files/stacks_image_250.png
  6. I still have the motors available. I also have YouTube videos on installation and testing.
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    2006 Race Picture

    Reminds of my last 6hr XC Race!!
  8. So! Does it actually work??
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    Now I have to go! Cheers for that!! Tasted GR8!!
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    Now I'm Getting Hungry!
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    It doesn't look Tuff!
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    But Was it Young or Old?
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    Oh! did I mention Beef??

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