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  1. Where ya work? I've been doing it for 8 years now.
  2. Ferrari Air Boxes with high gloss carbon fiber.
  3. Blue base with blue candy over agate.
  4. Thank you. Once it's high gloss with the following piece, it will pop a lot!
  5. How's everything going today?
  6. Just bare is all. Preferably smooth. With plastics, we can't get every cut or scrape out, due to plastic being a b*#£h to cut smoothly.
  7. To return the favor, we shared your page on Facebook as well. Thank you again. -California Hydro Graphics Team
  8. We Thank you for promoting us on Facebook. Give us a call anytime when you want something with hydrographics, the more business the better. Once we get flowing faster, deals will be posted. -California Hydrographics Team
  9. No!! Just like it! Lol. There's no friend page. Just a regular page on Facebook. Lol. I just don't wanna put you in the hassle of all that. Lol. I thank you though for liking our page!!!!!
  10. Hey Wylde1!! Thanks for doing that. Did you like the page, or send a friend request?
  11. Hey everyone, I joined this forum not only to show everyone the business that we are in, We enjoy riding too. My fiance has a Kawasaki 400 and I have a sandrail. We just moved to Cali, so we havent been able to ride at Pismo Beach yet. We used to ride in Florence, Oregon. So hopefully Pismo is as much fun as Florence was. Eventually, we are going to do hydrographics on her quad and the sand rail, so we will post pictures right away when we finish each. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great day! Hope to chat with you all.
  12. I apologize for not having that many photos of ATV parts, guns are higher in demand. But I can upload other products such as guns if anyone would like to see more of what we can do.
  13. Go like us on facebook when ya have a chance!!!! https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaH...aphics?fref=ts
  14. Well, if you are ever interested in getting some other things done shoot me a message and we can work something out.

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