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  2. So, I hooked this direct to a booster in my van. Im a cable guy and have a booster built in, and lights go on, pull start is a little easier to pull but the relay right below the tail lights clicks and thats it, all fuse good. Any suggestions?
  3. Thx man, I only ever used a bike to get to a good fishing hole haha. Just bought the young lad his first and wanted something to go along with him. This is a good bike to start with but need alot of little things, I wanna make sure I put my dollars where they count right now.
  4. Coming from front left tire, only when going forward, when in reverse no noise at all. Not a bearing I checked it all out, suppose just needs some grease? 2000 Big Bear 400 4x4.......
  5. Bought it as is, runs good.....when I can get it started. There is no battery for the electric start and I effin hate pull starts. Curious though before go spend money on a battery, I have no brakes....at all not even a cable, that'll come later as I dont use brakes anyways. What I am wondering is will the electric start work without brakes? While looking for a battery I seen you need to pull the rear brake for it to start. 2000 Yamaha Big Bear 4x4 Auto Clutch/Manual Shift

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