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  2. I got a chance to look at this today and I did find the wire that I was missing. it had fell down behind the plastic but I couldn't see it by looking under the fenders. I hooked it up to brake light switch and I now have a brake light.. Maybe this will help someone else along the was.. thanks for all the help..
  3. Thanks for the response oxidized_black, I did check the bulb and it has 2 filaments and the plug for it has the brake light wire. I ran a hot wire to it just to make sure it worked and it did, Im just confused on the main harness that runs to the front. I cant find a female plug to plug the male plug that's coming from the brake switch. Im gonna tare it down tomorrow and check the whole harness. My guess is its came unplugged and somehow got pulled back under the plastic somewhere, Or it was just a tail light and the brake switch was standard but the light was optional that the 250 didn't have in 1999. Ill update the post when I do the tare down. If I don't find the plug ill contact swampcat07..
  4. Does a 1999 arctic cat 250 2x4 have a brake light? Reason I ask is I just got one and the brake light wasn't working. I traced the brake switch wire from the hand brake and its not plugged into the harness not could I find a place to plug it into. I'm wondering if it had a brake light or maybe the harness that it plugs into maybe had been ripped off by previous owner. Any help is appreciated.

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