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  2. i havent checked the starting issue yet, im more concerned about the spark issue at the moment, i have worked on hundreds of bikes over the years but have never come across this problem before, i have talked to lots of mechanics and noone seems to have heard of this either, the starting issue will be a pretty simple fix, im sure its just in the carb ( process of elimination ) it has a new carb kit in it so there arent many other parts in there, ill check the diaphrams like you said next, but first id like to see if antone else has ever had the spark problem before and if they did, what did the
  3. just got this bike, it runs but not well, doesnt smoke or anything but i noticed that when you try to start it, the spark plug keeps firing for a few seconds after the engine stops whirling over, and can hear it buzzing in the bottom end where the stator is, anyone know what this could be? also the only way it will start is to put my hand over the back of the carb, using the choke ( enrichener) doesnt do anything and the carb is rebuilt, thanks in advance
  4. wondering if you have a manual for 2004 honda 450 foreman es? i tried downloading one of them you have listed but the doc to pdf thing wont let me do it???
  5. i have always ran an 8, they seem to work well for all seasons, im from nova scotia so -10 is about the average temp for winter
  6. even though it had good fire, i put a new plug in it and seems to work fine, will see in a few days of starting it up here and there if that was the problem
  7. ive had this little bike for a very long time and always worked great, start first pull every time, recently i was driving it and it started running rough when i was almost home, it died as soon as i pulled in the driveway ( no spark ) i fixed that problem ( i have tons of parts ) but it still wouldnt start, a couple days ago i went out and gave it one pull and it took right off, i had to hold the throttle open a bit but it was cold out and i didnt use the choke so i expected to have to do that, i let off the gas and it stalled, i left it sit for about 20 minutes and went back out to try again
  8. do i have to pay for the manuals?? i tried to get the 84 200 trx one but it wouldnt go for some reason..... by the way im not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers hahahaha

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