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  2. Hey guys question, I recently bought a 98 Honda Forman 4x4 that has a non digital speedometer, the problem is the speedometer lights up and the little green light above the hour reeder (i think it is) blinks but the mph needle doesn't move when I'm driving and the trip meter doesn't count either. None of the dials move but its lite up. I was wondering if it is a cable rusted maybe or a sensor wheel stuck or broken that I have no idea where it's located can anyone help me diagnosis the problem so I can try to fix it Thanks for viewing this post! Please share any knowledge!
  3. I have replaced my oem carb with one that says its oem replacement (brand new). The problem I'm having is at idle it sounds like its sputtering like it wants to die out but when I'm on the throttle its running great. When I barley put my hand over the air filter hole it completely dies out. I have tried playing with the air screw adjusting it to the 2 1/4 turns out like the manual says and its still having the same problems. Can anyone point me in the right direction to help solve the problem. Now I bought a new one cause my old oem carb the idle screw on my original carb kept backing out. Please can someone help me I'm at my wits end at this point. Please help please
  4. Still dont know what is wrong with this carb I adjusted the air screw and nothing changed. Now when I put my hand over the air filter just ever so slightly the bike completely dies out. Please someone help me out here I cant keep buying carbs I have no idea what wrong and I feel like I have tried everything. Someone please help!!
  5. The valves were never an issue with my old oem carb now that I have a new oem like carb its weird. The bike still idles weird even when I adjust the idle screw. But when I am on the throttle it runs find like there is no hesitation. But when I am at idle and its just sitting there it sounds like it skips and if I just leave it there for a little without touching the throttle it like it seems it wants to die out. So maybe the air screw just needs some minor adjustments?
  6. Hello my name is Ben and I have a honda 200s atc. I have just put a replacement brand new OEM carb on. The bike runs great when in the throttle but when I am idling it sounds like it is skipping going in the back out. I was wondering could I have not adjusted the air screw correctly or is it a different problem. I have adjusted the screw where I put it all the way in then 2 turns out. Do I need to do 2.5 to 3 turns or did I buy another junk carb?

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