1999 Honda Foreman 450 ES ESP Not Resetting Shift

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hello all,

i have a 99 450 ES Honda atv. Most of the time i have to pull the fuse out under the seat and put it back in to get this thing to shift. what do you think is going on. it like i have to reset the computer all the time . What can i do to fix this. i keep it a garge all the time. i even keep it on a slow charger. i got this four wheeler brand new and i had to do this four the last 4 years and it is getting old. It is a great Atv but keep pulling the fuse 5 times a day is geting very old. i just want to fix it right. i had place look at it but they had no clue what to do. Help please



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I read somewhere that the Foreman resets the ESP system every time you turn the ignition on. If for some reason it is not resetting it, that could be an issue. Maybe it's as simple as the ignition switch.

* Renamed your thread title

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