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Sorry I havent Been on Here in Awhile

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Hey everyone, wow it has been a long time since I have been on here i know. Here are some pictures taken from July - August. Since the end of August I have been deployed in South America and now wont be riding much since i have warrant officer school right when i return in December, enjoy the pics. The pictures on my LTR were of me racing a tomahawk, WV where i got 2nd and Rausch Creek, PA where i got 7th after crashing twice. I was in 4th when i rolled my quad, damn things are heavy after racing for an hour. the pictures of my on the banshee were just some fun riding in the coal mines somewhere NE of Hazelton, PA. It is better to go to my gallery to view the images since there is a size limit to post them here. Great to be back. Tim

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Thank You MWKE, I have severe withdrawels and doesnt look like i will be riding much next year either, it looks like i will have just enough time to bring all my crap hto my parents in MN and leave it there until at least fall. I bought a new 2008 toyhauler in June and have never used it yet. I towed it home and thats all the time i have had lol. I guess you need to work to buy the stuff, my neighbors and good friend in PA are "taking" care of my quads for me. Sorry just venting lol.

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    • By Sparrows
      Gotta say i miss you guys, i havnt been into the sport at all as of late, But i still love ATVs and offroading! Ive mainly been focusing on heads up drag racing. But ill be around a little bit more because of winter, what have you guys been doing?
    • By powermaddd400ex
      as the title says, with school ending and summer begining things have been pretty hectic round here so imma fill yall in on my quad life.
      the 400ex is for the most part done, ive pretty much got it the way i want it. the carrier bearings are going out on it so i think ill invest on a twin row carrier. now in about a year, we should have made our last payment on the 400. soon after that we will be selling the 400. idk if i will part out the big things or not, its still up in the air. after she is sold i will invest in a new ktm450xc, which at a ceratin dealership is selling for a smoking price at $6,300 otd before haggling...
      all this is HOPEFUL. the 400 has been nice, but i finally figured out that the whole reason my motor blew at the begining of the year was because ive been riding pretty much balls to the wall, high revved. its really a shame to get rid of it after all the work i put into it, but hopefully the reward in the end will be well worth it.
      heres a picture of how the 400 sits.

    • By DJLime
      Well since I left after that 1 car topic.. I wanted to come back, and see what everyone been up to. Since been busy with school,games, and so on.
    • By fox300exchic
      cuz im PREGNANT
    • By DJLime
      It's been awhile since my grandpa's death. Mostly over at his house cleaning out over 40 years of junk in that basement. No really we took out over 30 bags *the big black bags* of trash,2 dryer's, and 1 washer, and didnt even dent the basement.
      So I'm busy to even get on here. just letting you guys know whats up.
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