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  1. Notice the dude never lands his tricks, why would you try something like that when you cant do the basic tricks
  2. Crashing on a jump at Florence, OR a few years ago
  3. naww just for fun. The LTR almost jumps on its own, it just jumps so nice. Well I leave for training tomorrow, talk to you all in a month.
  4. PA is the place to be for Harescrambles but it looks like i will be racing MX since that is the only racing in Alaska
  5. Good jokes, unfortunately the marines do not have F-18s thats the navy. they may have naval aviators, said marine pilot, there but know they usually never have live munitions for training exercises in the US and certainly do not have a system to automatically fire missiles and would not lock onto a target inside the US, that is court martial material. They do not have Rules of Engagement inside the US meaning they are strictly forbidden to lock onto any targets.
  6. just my opinion, just like how some believe buying a ford isnt a good decision.
  7. Besides it could be worse, I could own a polaris still.
  8. I finally started getting better mileage it my truck once i flipped over 20,000 miles a few weeks ago. I got 17 mpg driving to MN which is about best my brother's old z71 got and my dads hemi. So i guess to answer your question, my truck gets about the same as the other manufacturers, just sucks the gas when you have a trailer that catches alot of wind.
  9. just a f150 lariat w/ the 5.4 i posted 9-10 mph i meant mpg
  10. Just a tip you may already know, after you rinse it off, simple green works great breaking up all the grime. After that it will be looking good in no time.
  11. Yeah i get 9-10 mph pulling my hauler with two quads with the tanks empty
  12. Yeah i climbed it not realizing i forgot to tighten the chain adjustment bolts back up. When i got back down the chain was so loose i couldve taken it off the sprocket. One of my dumba$$ moments
  13. That is awesome I totaled out my 98 banshee on an iron ore hill in Northern MN. Here is a video on me climbing a coal hill in PA. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coPkMnmd-VI]YouTube - Worked Banshee hillclimb in Freeland PA[/ame]
  14. At least one quad, maybe both, along with my new 20' Toyhauler will be brought to my parents in MN and not taken to AK. Gas prices will kill me as it is getting it to MN from VA.

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