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Size 12...With the Removable liner....Kinda Dirty from use about 2 yrs ago....LMAO!!!!! I dont wear boots when I ride and I am Tired of looking at them.....They need a Good Home....

I also have some Children's Boots too....I think size 2 and 9??? Ill look if there is interest....

Alpine's are 100 Bucks Shipped....


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      Hello all, I'm stuck and that is why I am asking this question.
      From the title you guessed it, it's the stator/generator. I have a bad stator and I am attempting to understand the ins and outs of this thing.
      So I have a bad source coil on a 2005 Bruin Yamaha. I don't understand as to how with one wire measures only 6'in length you are supposed to get 200+ ohms.... plus, without a diode it only can be tested in one direction???.... something just doesn't add up!
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      hiya, im not really new to riding quads but i am new to owning my own (working) quad. i have a falcon 150, which isnt too bad, bit sluggish on steep inclines but overall far better than the smc r100 i used to own. i have a basic understanding of single cylinder bikes and a less than useful understanding of anything bigger so i may be asking for a lot of help lol. anyway, i look forward to being proved wrong relentlessly and actually maintaining a working bike
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      nothing but problems. Ill talk more when my motor gets back!
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    • Guest Fox300exchic
      By Guest Fox300exchic
      I got these boots last week and rode in them for the first time Saturday. I LOVE THEM!! They have so much more cushion then my fox trackers.
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